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I am a Mother of two kids, a loving wife of an Army officer, a software engineer, with successful career in Multinational Companies in India and abroad, turned entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Parivvartan Transforming Lives now working as Relationship Coach and Consultant for Successful Women who are excelling well in their Career and are struggling with Marital Relationship and their Self worth.

I work for those women who want to work towards creating Meaningful Relationships without chasing their Partner and compromising on their self respect.
Keeping Head High we achieve the Goal of Relationship, be it Togetherness or Divorce.

I was once struck with a bolting light, when I lost my career to an institution called marriage.

I came down from the peak of success to a very comfortable life with the most loving husband and two beautiful children who loved me so much and still I felt I was lacking something in life. In spite of having, a lot of people around taking care of every single thing of the household, a loving family, loving in-laws,kids and happening social life, full of parties, I was not happy. Because I wanted to carve a niche for myself. I was tired of being Miss called Mrs. Kumar

Every morning, I woke up with a sense of no purpose in my life apart from taking care of my kids. I once walked up to my husband and said, I don’t think this is working anymore and he said to me, Go wherever you want. I will support you. With a newborn and a toddler in hand and my husband supporting me I set out on a journey of learning and getting myself coached with dreams in my eyes for myself. I realized my real passion was not to make myself happy but my vision was something else. I wanted to work for women just like me who were good at making career but Relationships was something still a Mystery to them. The way I saved my marriage from Separation and divorce, I wanted to help career women who were contemplating on Separation and Divorce.

I decided to help women who had all the talent, skills and qualifications to make it to the top and were not doing so because they had lost touch with themselves and their relationship. I took more than 18 certifications in Relationship Building, Mindset coaching, career coaching and Entrepreneurship area to reach out to maximum women. I also studied Counseling, Msc.Psychology and numerous therapies along with various coaching methods. Mind and Human Behaviour became my next Love. Family being my Spiritual Masters Highest Value helped me in giving success to every single Lady I worked with. I Learned some hidden secrets of saving Relationships from My Spiritual Master. He became the Pillar behind me selecting Relationship coaching as my ultimate contribution in this Life towards Living beings around. I had now set out on reducing Unhappiness of those souls who were not able to tap on their highest Potential, find Purpose of them coming together as couple and family, and were separating knowing nothing about themselves nor Partner, nor universe, nor Supreme Powers.

I realized, Women lose touch with themselves when they go through extreme pain, just like I did. They face low self-worth and have trust issues. They disconnect from Partner after disconnecting from their true self. They Yell, humiliate, get angry and shout and sometimes they feel suicidal due to pain in Heart. They also blame themselves for not having good relationship with Partner and end up ignoring kids. Now they are not successful businesswomen or Working women, they are just moderate wife and mothers which is the worst feeling to have as I have experienced it myself and I feel for everyone who has been or is going through it.

As the relationship with themselves is disconnected, and the relationship with others is disturbed, They radiate unpleasantness, frustration and regrets from their consciousness.

I am here to connect you with your Partner and uncover the hidden secrets in your subconscious mind and your Relationship. I want you to experience the power within you and how you deserve to wake up with Full enthusiasm towards life.

I help you rebuild your broken relationships and achieve Emotional Freedom, Peace, Love, and Joy.

In 2011, I launched the Parivvartan transforming lives. I had my own office and I started providing employment initially to 2 people and slowly, it grew to more than 15. Now, we have a team of 15 working towards empowering women in dealing with their Relationships. We as a company help in Solving your Relationship Problem through 1 on 1 Coaching. We also empower you to study Counseling, Psychotherapies and Coaching that I learned from my Masters and wish to share it with the world and am doing in more than 48 countries . I am living my vision today. I found my purpose and I am following my purpose of bringing positive change in society.

I truly believe. Women have the power of bringing positivity in Family and in the world. I want every woman out there to be emotionally free and regain her lost confidence, identity and self respect.I want every woman to realize her power of keeping the entire family together. She is the pillar of the family.Everybody depends on her emotionally.She is the one who can create a conducive environment for her children to grow with security and love.I want a women to be full of confidence and work towards their Relationship, to make sure that the children become best version of themselves with calm and composed, sorted mother. I want women to solve Relationship Problems so that she can work with free mind on her business, or in her job.

My vision is to see children. Grow up in a healthy family environment and turn out to be calm and composed adults in association with calm and peaceful moms.

My mission is to help 1 lakh, working women. In gaining emotional Freedom. Peace love & joy through Relationship and Mindset coaching.

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