Top 10 Influencer Marketing Platform In India


Content creators and influencers today have built a credible name for themselves and brands rely on their popularity and fame to market their own products or services. Brands today look for influencers that fit their brand messaging, as creators today are very relevant since the audience trusts them and their recommendations and opinions. The rise of the social media stars has led to the rise of ‘Influencer Marketing’ and the influencers today hold a lot of power. A single influencer has the power to influence your choice and decision.

Once a brand identifies the right influencer for their audience it is then that the brand curates a well thought out plan for reaching out to creators and influencers for particular campaigns. Today, brands like to outsource this job to various influencer marketing platforms that can act as a bridge between the brand and the influencer they are looking for.

So how do you find the right kind of influencer for your brand? Have a look at the top influencer marketing platforms that can help you with your journey in finding that right influencer/ creator for your next campaign.

1. WhizCo

WhizCo is India’s leading influencer marketing agency, managing over 50,000 content creators over 20+ categories in 12 different languages on India’s top social media platforms generating over 1 million impressions. Founded by Prerna Goel, Aastha Goel and Keshav Jindal in 2018. WhizCo is managing content creators on almost every short-video app in the country, while also working with top brands such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, and many more.

2. GryNow

Grynow is a leading Influencer marketing agency in India that provides the best influencer marketing platform to help brands / visionary marketers leverage social media influencers’ content in marketing the product (service).

3. Qoruz Search

Qoruz is an influencer marketing platform that enables superior influencer discovery. Quick and easy influencer outreach and data rich influencer marketing campaign analytics.

4. Pulpkey

Pulpkey is the platform to work with the internet’s most influential content creators of all sizes who love photography, travel, fashion, food, comedy, music, filmmaking, technology etc.

5. The Good Creator

Winkl helps brands and advertisers run fully automated and data-driven influencer marketing campaigns by leveraging a community of more than 33,000 active influencers with a reach of 150 million people in India.

6. Confluencr

It is one of India’s leading influencer marketing agency.Through influencer marketing, Confluencr helps the brand grow exponentially with sharp strategies, careful influencer curation, and optimised reports and analytics.

7. Eleve

They ideate brand campaign strategies, backing them with effective advocacy solutions to deliver high quality engagement for your brand.

8. Plixxo

Plixxo was founded by Priyanka Gill, who is the founder of POPxo. This platform has a plethora of top influencers.

9. OPA

OPA is a managed marketplace between Brands and Influencers. 200+ brands use OPA to collaborate with 80k+ registered influencers.

10. BrandMentions

Brands can use this social media monitoring tool to locate influencers who can help them grow their business.

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