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Today’s influencers are making it possible for everyone to understand fashion, be in fashion and develop their own sense of style in fashion in the contemporary marketing era. These top fashion influencers not only promote fashion and style understanding of current market trends, culture, body type, colour theory, etc but also promote small and micro fashion designers along with big fashion brands.

If you are looking for some fashion inspiration, then these Indian fashion influencers on Instagram will surely influence and impact you to look beyond the mundane fashion available. They will update your fashion muscle and get you the help with to wardrobe transformation you need! Let’s explore the top 20 fashion influencers to follow on Instagram in India.

List of the best fashion influencers on Instagram 2022

1. Garima Chaurasia – 14.7M Followers

A TikTok star, Garima used to upload videos featuring her best friend Rugees and herself on the app. A video of them dancing on Machayenge by Emiway went viral and catapulted them to fame. She has been a part of music videos like Bhalo Bashi, Inna Pyaar, Sun Le Saathiya, Nawabi, Kol Rakh, Mashallah, Tattoo, Ranjheya, Munda Baimaan, Tu Mil Gaya, and Akhiyan.

Garima’s followers love her edgy style and stunning looks, apart from her music videos. This Instagram influencer interacts with her followers at over 4% and has collaborated with several brands – Sony Music India (ER – 13%), Spotify India (ER – 8.40%), participated in Imperial Blue Men Will Be Men’s #TheNewBlueLook (ER – 123%), OPPO India (ER – 36.70%), OnePlus India (ER – 42%), MX TakaTak Fame House (ER – 36.80%), Vi Fan World (ER – 33.30%), NIVEA India (ER – 105.70%), UPI Chalega (ER – 88.85%).

2. Shirley Setia – 7.5M Followers

Born in Daman and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Shirley pursued her passion for singing by renditioning covers of Bollywood songs. She participated in a competition held by T -Series and won among thousands of participants. Her winning video included Shirley singing in pyjamas earning her the nickname ‘Pyjama Popstar’ from New Zealand Herald.

She sang ‘Disco Disco’ in A Gentleman and ‘Nah Chah Ke Bhi’ for 5 Weddingz movies. She juggled her singing career and her studies and worked part-time as an RJ. She has now moved to Mumbai to try her luck as a Bollywood actress.

Seeing Shirley’s 6% engagement rate, some of the brands that have collaborated with her are – Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk (ER – 101%), Lifebuoy India (ER – 45.25%), Venus India (ER – 29.40%), Vivo India (ER – 84%), and more. She has even been featured on the covers of CANdYMAG™, Women Fitness India, The Lifestyle Journalist, and Grandeur Lifestyle.This adorable girl with a baby face got recognition when she participated in a contest conducted by T-Series. She recorded the video of her singing in pyjamas and after that Shirley Setia was named “Pyjamapopstar.” Since then, she kept posting on her YouTube channel regularly. She has over 3.82M subscribers on her channel and 7M followers on Instagram. Following her fame, Forbes magazine termed her “Bollywood’s Next Big Singing Sensation.”

3. Prajakta Koli – 7.3M Followers

Probably one of the most popular female influencers in India. Prajakta’s strength lies in the use of desi terms and actions in her funny videos which massively appeal to her audience. She recently launched #iPledgeToBeMe to spread awareness about body shaming. We love that Prajakta realizes her influence over her followers and uses it to shine a light on critical social issues.

Prajakta engages her audience at over 11% and has joined hands with several brands – Britannia Bourbon (ER – 130.80%), Breezer Vivid Shuffle (ER – 69.60%), Mivi (ER – 39.40%), Amazon India (ER – 114%), how to stay safe from bank frauds with HDFC Bank (ER – 59.80%), Venus India (ER – 202.60%), It’s a Girl Thing India (ER – 38.80%), HP India (ER – 109%), Lunch Box restaurant (ER – 160%), and Smirnoff India (ER – 308%).

Prajakta has been featured in ‘Elle’ magazine and flaunted her appearance on the front cover of ‘The Man Magazine’ with her Mismatched co-star, Rohit Saraf. She is one of the top female influencers in India who doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind and following her dreams!

Prajakta Koli is a bubbly and charming YouTuber who mostly posts comedy content on her channel. People love her because of her goofball personality and the bang-up acting that she does in her videos. Initially, she started her career as a radio jockey, but it didn’t go well. So, after Sudeep Lahiri’s advice, she created her YouTube channel, and since then, she never looked back. She has collaborated with multiple Bollywood superstars such as Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kajol, and more. Her name has been mentioned in many prominent magazines like Forbes, Entrepreneur India, Outlook Business Magazine, and others. She has 6.5M subscribers on YouTube and 4.8M Instagram followers.

4. Pooja Dhingra – 7.1M Followers

Excelling at the art of making cakes and pastries that get you drooling, Pooja is an influential entrepreneur and author in the food industry. Born and raised in a family of restaurant owners, she was fond of cooking and baking since childhood.

Pooja switched careers from law to hospitality management and graduated from César Ritz school in Le Bouveret, Switzerland. She is the founder of the Le15 Patisseries and packaged foods.

Featured on the Forbes 30under30 list, she has won many accolades praising her patisserie skills. She has authored 6 books, with her ‘the Big Book of Treats’ winning second place at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Also known as “Macaron Queen Of India,” this influencer gives her community of 7.1 mn followers some mouth-watering dessert goals.

Pooja hosts a popular podcast, #NoSugarCoat. She talks about all girls’ things and has collaborated with renowned brands such as Airbnb, Magnum, Laurent Duchêne Paris, and many such food and beverage brands.

5. Manushi Chhillar – 6.4M Followers

While pursuing her medical degree, Manushi entered the world of pageantry with ‘Fashion Big Bazaar’ in 2016 and made India proud by bringing home the “Miss World” title in 2017. Her Beauty with a Purpose campaign, “Project Shakti, ” aimed to spread awareness about menstrual hygiene.

Manushi has lent her support to other causes such as the Fit India campaign, and HIV/AIDS in India, and also urged people to stay indoors during the Coronavirus pandemic (ER – 76.40%), and has been appointed the Anemia ambassador by Haryana. In 2021, she partnered with the United Nations Women to raise awareness about gender-based violence (ER – 44%).

Manushi has collaborated with several brands such as DENTE 91 (ER – 73%), official brand ambassador of Adidas (ER – 47%), Panasonic India (ER – 78%), Dyson India (ER – 104%), JADE (ER – 50%), participated in UNICEF India #ChildhoodChallenge (ER – 79.40%), and more.

Manushi has been featured for VOGUE India (ER – 63.50%), Flawless Beauty award by ELLE India (ER – 61.70%), GQ India (ER – 56.70%), Femina (ER – 55.40%). She was mentioned in the Forbes30Under30 list (ER – 54.75%).

With an engagement rate of around 4%, Manushi has the power to influence her followers and is doing so by supporting several social causes. We only see this model flying high up in the sky!

6. Kusha Kapila – 2.9M Follower

Kusha is unapologetic about voicing her opinions on social issues like body shaming or being sexualized at a young age. She has always freely shared her thoughts and encouraged her followers to do the same.

Kusha’s hilarious videos take on the real-life situations most of us have been through. What was going through your mind as you tried putting the varmala around your spouse? When that one friend who never replies on your WhatsApp chat finally does. Such relatable content is the result of Kusha’s 10% engagement rate.

Several brands for collaborations have approached Kusha – OPPO India (ER – 40%), VLCC Personal Care (ER – 40%), Levi’s India (ER – 9%), OkCupid India (ER – 6.90%), supported the #StopTheBeautyTest by Dove India in partnership with Femina and GRAZIA India (ER – 41%), Olay India (ER – 72.50%), Pizza Hut India (ER – 7.70%), Bombay Shaving Company (ER – 73.90%), organized a SWAROVSKI Giveaway (ER – 41.60%), LENSKART (ER – 33%).

Kusha Kapila is an Indian content writer, actress, and social media celebrity who works for the popular Indian media platform, iDiva. She is best known for playing the fictional character “Billi Maasi.” Kusha Kapila started her career in 2013 as a Fashion Correspondent for a Delhi-based firm Apparel Online. She, then, worked as a Trend Analyst and Content Writer for Fashion Forward Trends. In May 2014, she joined Razorfish and started working as a copywriter. Subsequently, she worked as a Digital Content Head and Content Developer. In 2016, she moved to Times Internet and worked there as a Fashion Editor. Thereafter, she joined iDiva as a writer and got bumped up to fashion editor there. At iDiva, Kusha started creating videos for their Facebook page. While making the videos, she created the character “Billi Masi,” which, later, went on to become a huge hit, and Kapila came into the limelight. Subsequently, she portrayed many other characters that were well-received by the audience. Kusha has also worked with many popular faces from Bollywood including Abishek Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor.

7. Diipa Khosla – 1.8M followers

Diipa is the founder of post for a change, a worldwide Indian fashion blog. She is not only a fantastic fashionista, but she is also a TEDx speaker who has been named Influence of the Year three times! We truly feel that she is born with a sense of style.

8. Komal Pandey – 1.8M followers

Komal Pandey is all about fashion; she considers it to be a form of therapy, and we wholeheartedly agree! She is constantly experimenting with her appearance and is quite creative. We admire her willingness to try new things with her style. Her colourful fusions and inventive mixes are our ultimate favourites!

She is all about fashion and for her fashion is like therapy. She is extremely creative and imaginative with her looks and style. She is always trying something new. You will like how she is always experimenting with her style and fashion. Her artistic combinations and colourful fusions are utterly popular.

9. Kritika Khurana – 1.7M followers

Kritika’s profile is one of the country’s most popular fashion blogs. Her films are really easy to follow, and she believes in a practical fashion. We like her ability to transform old, dull garments into something unique, intriguing, and fashionable.

Her profile is one of the most trending and popular fashion accounts on Instagram in the country. She believes realistically and her videos are really easy to follow. You will like how she is a pro and expert at revamping old and boring clothes and accessories into something quirky, appealing and stylish.

10. Dolly Singh – 1.5M Followers

This incredible influencer turned actor has had a rollercoaster of a journey. Coming from a small town that faced taunts and jibes, Dolly didn’t give up on her dream of being famous! Her hilarious characters “Raju ki Mummy,” “Guddi Bhabhi,” “Zeenat Baji” and others were lapped up by her viewers who couldn’t wait for more of her uploads.

Dolly spoke about how she tried to hide her background and act as if she, too, belonged to high society. She regrets doing today and asks everyone to face reality instead of hiding from it. It takes courage to accept your mistakes. Something we all must learn from her.

Dolly’s over 10% engagement rate allows her to post relatable content on her social media. Brands love this Instagram influencer and have collaborated with her on several occasions – Reliance General Insurance (8.40%), Lionsgate Play (ER – 5.80%), Olay India (ER – 71.80%), MotherDairy Fresh Delights (ER – 134%), MYNTRA Studio (ER – 64%), SWAROVSKI (ER – 60.70%), suggest Kingston for all your SSD needs (ER – 50%), Cadbury 5Star (ER – 79.70%), Breezer Vivid Shuffle, a platform for Hip Hop lovers (ER – 6%), cautions against the danger of data sharing and how the Reclaim Your Privacy website can help you (ER – 94.50%) and many more.

Seeing the boom of Instagram Influencer Marketing and influencers who impact the buyers’ decisions, brands have started to include them in their marketing mix. Customers make their buying decisions based on the opinions and views shared by these influencers on their social media. They can help a brand capture its target audience. This form of marketing can only be successful if the brand collaborates with the right influencer. We, at Biz Talks, conduct in-depth studies to ensure brand partners are up with the right fit as per their offerings and goals. To know more, drop us an email at

Who is your favourite fashion influencer on Instagram out of this list? Share with us below!


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