Sushmita Sen Makes a Powerful Comeback “Aarya” in a Gritty Blood-and-Gore Series


Sushmita Sen and Ram Madhvani go beyond the sacrificial mother trope to make the character of Aarya both a dreaded gangster and a tragic hero in Season 3.

The highly anticipated third season of “Aarya” has finally graced our screens, bringing back the enigmatic and fierce Sushmita Sen as the titular character. With its intriguing mix of family drama, crime, and thrilling suspense, Aarya has gained quite a following since its debut. In this review, we dive deep into the world of Aarya Season 3 and how Sushmita Sen once again proves herself as a woman on top in this blood-and-gore series.

A Strong Female Lead

One of the defining characteristics of Aarya is its powerful and multifaceted female lead, Aarya Sareen, portrayed brilliantly by Sushmita Sen. In Season 3, Sen continues to shine as a woman who not only navigates the treacherous world of the drug trade but also manages her family, all while keeping her moral compass intact. Aarya’s character development over the seasons is truly remarkable, and Sen’s performance is nothing short of outstanding.

A Complex Family Dynamic

At its core, Aarya is a family drama that explores the complexities and dynamics within the Sareen family. Season 3 delves even deeper into the personal lives of the characters, unraveling secrets, betrayals, and unexpected alliances. The show’s ability to balance the intricacies of family life with the high-stakes world of organized crime is one of its strong points. Viewers will find themselves emotionally invested in the fate of each character, making it difficult to choose sides as the story unfolds.

Aarya’ Season 3 Trailer: Sushmita Sen and Vikas Kumar starrer ‘Aarya’ Official Trailer

Aarya’ Season 3 Trailer: Watch the Official Trailer from Hindi web series ‘Aarya’ starring Sushmita Sen, Vikas Kumar, Ankur Bhatia and Virti Vaghani. ‘Aarya’ web series is directed by Ram Madhvani, Vinod Rawat, Sandeep Modi and Kapil Sharma. To know more about the ‘Aarya’ trailer watch the video. Check out the latest Hindi trailers, new web series trailers, trending Hindi web series trailers, Sushmita Sen movies, Vikas Kumar movies, Ankur Bhatia movies, and Virti Vaghani.


Gritty Crime Thrills

Aarya Season 3 is unapologetically dark and gritty, maintaining the series’ signature blood-and-gore elements. The drug trade, power struggles, and brutal violence are depicted with shocking realism, creating an intense viewing experience. This season offers a rollercoaster ride of suspense, making it difficult to predict who will come out on top in the dangerous game being played.

A Strong Supporting Cast

Apart from Sushmita Sen, the supporting cast of Aarya continues to impress. Actors like Chandrachur Singh, Sikandar Kher, and Namit Das bring depth to their respective characters, adding layers to the narrative. Each member of the ensemble cast plays a pivotal role in the story’s development, making the series a true ensemble masterpiece.


“Aarya” Season 3 is a thrilling addition to an already captivating series. Sushmita Sen’s portrayal of Aarya continues to be a standout performance, and the show’s ability to blend family drama with the brutal world of organized crime is both riveting and poignant. With its gripping storyline, complex characters, and unflinching portrayal of violence, “Aarya” keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout.

In a world filled with crime dramas, “Aarya” sets itself apart by placing a strong woman at its center and exploring the depths of her character. If you’re a fan of gripping narratives, morally ambiguous characters, and powerful female leads, “Aarya” Season 3 is a must-watch. It reaffirms Sushmita Sen’s status as a woman on top in the world of blood-and-gore series.

Aarya Season 3 Cast: Sushmita Sen, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Sikander Kher, Vikas Kumar, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Viren Vazirani, Indraneil Sengupta, Ila Arun, Maya Sarao

Aarya Season 3 Director: Ram Madhvani

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