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I am Manju Ravi, Proud Independent Distributor of Kangen Water Ionizer ??

By Education I am an Engineer ( Electronis & Communication) and have around 10yrs of Working Experience with MNC’s

Took Break to raising my kids for the education and other family responsibilities but couldn’t resist my self from fire of entrepreneurship and bang On my journey with Stevia in 2019 and 2021 started phenomenal journey with Kangen Water.

Mother of two teenage Boys Luv and Kush 17 & 15 years respectively. Well supported by my Husband who is Senior Telecom Professional having over two decade of experience.

Some how I got to know about the Importance of Water in our life and started exploring on it. Read lots of books on Water only and Installed Kangen Water Ionizer in my Kitchen on August 2021. Within 6 months of spam feels many health benefits on myself and my mother inlaw. So I thought let’s share this information with everyone.

Your drinking water is the foundation of your Great Health as well as the root cause for all sort of Disease.

More than 70% part of our body is Water Only, So the Quality of Water is the major factor for our Healthy Life Style. RO water, Bottled Water or Tap water ..they all are Acidic, which is the main cause for all sorts of decease may be it Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Acidity, Dehydration or even Cancer.

Kangen Water Ionizer is a machine, which can install in your kitchen and whole family can drink World’s Healthiest Water.

Properties in Kangen Water which makes it World’s healthiest water are:

1.  Rich in Anti-Oxidant ( ORP is -600mV to -800mV)
2.  Alkalized (8.5pH, 9.0pH, 9.5pH Water)
3.  Micro- Clustered ( Kangen water can penetrates into the cells and remove all the toxins from the body and keeps you Hydrated)
4. There are active Hydrogen ( best Anti-oxidant on this planet earth)

Today we are doing Free Demo just for the awareness of the people that by changing their drinking water ,how their life can be more healthy.


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